Heroin, My Lover my Confident, My Most Cruel Jailer

I’ve spent my life running from myself come inside 

Year of the Johnny

and learn why and how you don’t have, too!

Why Relapse is sometimes Vital to Recovery (Pt II)

Why Relapse is not Part of this Recovery! Relapse is Part of Recovery because it helps us see where we are making fatal mistakes in life. The first post in this series of Two was about how I found the world of recovery and treatment. You can read it here. I outlined...

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Hi, I’m Johnny. I’ve put my time in the trenches living Homeless Alone Hungry & Cold has taught me much about addiction. My failures have led the way to success. There is always HOPE. Never give up.




I am an author, counselor, recovery, wellness, life coach. I study and educate anger management, causes of anger, and how to live life with purpose without the need of a alcohol or other dangerous mind or mood altering chemicals.

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