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Anger can lead to a bad day.

Another angry moment

Aggressive behavior and distorted thinking patterns can lead to anger, cravings and the beginning of a bad day!

Yesterday I was reading one of our Group course books at work about Relapse Recidivism and I felt this topic was very interesting and most helpful to my series of blogs during the challenge in January. I am summarizing the pages for everyone to read and enjoy how and what we Thinking about our behaviors

I think this will be a three part blog because it about learning to think about your behaviors. By now it is understood by all that our behaviors are results of our thinking.  Our behaviors and habits have become patterns due to the habitual patterns in our thinking from thinking distortions, criminal and addictive thinking patterns and core beliefs.

Our behaviors can be responsible, irresponsible, life threatening or destructive, criminal, aggressive and violations against other’s rights protected by laws.

If you are reading this and you have a criminal back-ground it might be safe to say that you have probably portrayed much irresponsible behaviors both criminal and non-criminal. Patterns have most likely been developed that favor each situation.  The reasons these patterns have been developed is so that s easier to recall from  the behavior center and find ways to act in accordance to manipulating, controlling, intimidating and violating others.  These patterns have become patterns or tactics due to the frequency of use.

Tactics are planned behavior strategies and approaches intended to achieve a goal.

  In order to change our behavior we have to change our tactics.

In order to change the tactics we need to understand the thoughts that we have concerning why we act the way we do.

Thinking about our behavior!

Criminals and Addicts use their tactics as a means to survive and avoid restrictions placed on them by society. In other words tactics are used to get what they THINK they want.  For example tactics can be used to satisfy parole, the police, parents, other family members, and the boss from perpetually questioning our behavior or to be held accountable for our actions or lack of actions, and to avoid our feelings of inadequacy or disrespect from others.

Once again tactics are used by everyone. They are important to our daily function. Positive tactics and negative tactics are constantly being formulated to create a plan to get what we want.

Once again

Tactics are behaviors used to purposefully achieve a purpose.

Therefore sing positive tactics to achieve a goal of helping others or succeeding in business or life are just as important as the negative tactics used to keep from going to jail or taking responsibility for your actions.  Tactics used irresponsibly hide the persons true motive and feeling or to take advantage of situations or people. In other words criminals and addicts used their tactics irresponsibly to avoid accountability or to promote their criminal lifestyle.

Here are a few examples of how criminals use tactics:

1. Avoidance strategies which are ways to escape your responsibility, manipulate others or keep a low profile and glide through the day.

2. Diversion strategies which are used to confuse others  and draw attention away from actions or non-action by keeping people distracted and focused on whatever else is happening.
3. Aggression strategies which are used to attack intimidate undermine the efforts of others by create chaos or conflict.

The use of all of these strategies is a way to use criminal and addictive tactics to increase power and excitement.   That is all for today. Tomorrow I will discuss how I feel we can work through these tactics and strategies to change for the better. It is up to us to lead by example and show others that they can change and become productive people through care, love and help.

Have a safe day.

What are some ways you can avoid letting anger or aggression control your day comment below…