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Legalize it?

6 Pros and Cons of Smoking Marijuana!

As decriminalization of marijuana draws closer the average person who never gave much thought to marijuana smoking consider trying it for the first time.

Why would a person choose to smoke marijuana so late or young in life?

Can it be harmful and Addictive?

Will the myths they heard concerning smoking marijuana be true or just what they are myths?

I feel that once decriminalization happens a new epidemic could occur in the United States. Those who have never tried marijuana for the simple fact of possession being a crime are curious to try marijuana. These people might find solace in the smoky haze of White Widow or Kush. Marijuana might reduce symptoms or dangerous feelings faster than alcohol. The old routine of drinking to relieve stress and tension might be replaced with smoking marijuana. The solace and relief found in smoking may pave the way for a new addiction to seed. Those who had a drink or two at lunch might decide to ‘smoke a blunt to the head’ for lunch instead. Smoking on the job could create unsafe work environments, lower levels of reflex on physical job sites or just plain daydreaming in exchange for production. If this is the case out-patient programs may find a new influx of mandated patients, jobs may become jeopardized, and social relationships might suffer as people turn to smoking marijuana regularly.


Of course, this is all speculation just as many of the arguments I have found that argue for the positive effects /reasons to smoke marijuana.


  1. Marijuana boosts creativity. I have heard this mentioned many times in a group I facilitate, Marijuana Cessation. Some patients feel that are less creative when they do not smoke marijuana prior to commencing a creative task, such as writing, drawing, painting, building, coding, etc. Participants feel that smoking marijuana decreases inhibitions. Others feel smoking relaxes the mind and allows for easier creative thought processes. Others draw on the idea that smoking marijuana puts them in tune with the creative side of the brain.
  2. It is now being said that marijuana can help people maintain their figure. I have recently read that people are saying that marijuana smokers are skinnier. One must consider that marijuana smokers come from all walks of life. Therefore, many people who smoke cannabis do not lead a sedentary life but are very active. When comparing a marijuana smoker to someone who throws back 6-12 beers to catch their buzz the man who smokes his high will be much thinner than the drinker. Of course, this all depends on eating habits too!
  3. I can also add that marijuana is prescribed to cancer patients to help with diet. A symptom of marijuana smoking is constant craving for sweets or fatty foods. Medical science believes that marijuana does improve appetite, but it is a myth that marijuana gives a person the munchies and man boobs.
  4. Marijuana helps a person to feel less anxious or depressed. Medical science believes that THC the chemical which causes the euphoria in marijuana can be linked to neurotransmitters causing the euphoric effect related to that of happiness or sleep. This calming effect can cause a person to feel less anxious and more relaxed. Read more at search marijuana and anxiety.
  5. It is said that a marijuana lower blood sugar levels. A study done by the American Journal of medicine examined marijuana smokers and found that smokers had a lower level of insulin and the ability to process carbohydrates at a faster level. These factors are linked to diabetes and this could help relieve cravings for sugar and erratic levels of blood sugar. More research is needed to find out if this claim is valid.
  6. Smoking marijuana can cause a person to feel more socially accepted. Marijuana smoking lowers inhibitions; it can also allow for a person to feel more relaxed and approachable in social settings. Social ineptness could be eradicated as a person feels more certain about oneself after smoking marijuana.

I would like to point out that many of these reasons to smoke have not researched fully and at most are present claims to support legalization purposes.


anti pot leaf

Crossed out pot life

6 Reasons to NOT Smoke Marijuana.

Coincidentally a few of these reasons contradict some of the reasons mentioned previously supporting smoking marijuana.

While researching the topic the pros and cons of smoking marijuana I feel that I have truly realized that the subject needs to be seriously researched because the evidence provided by both sides are premature findings, in order to establish facts for legalization efforts. I also feel that the actual effects of marijuana were not the actual results of these studies. I feel that the effects of marijuana were secondary results in these studies. Extensive research needs to be conducted concerning the effects of marijuana in order to provide valuable valid information.

This being said I would like to outline possible suggestions to not partake in the newest ever increasing popular pastime of smoking marijuana:

  1. Marijuana is addictive! I am not taking about a physical addiction like that of heroin or alcohol. THC is psychologically addicting and people who have smoked marijuana daily report that it is hard to carry out a normal daily routine/ritual without first having their morning toke. I have asked members of my Marijuana Cessation group to comment on their morning rituals. Many state that they have their first few pulls from a blunt, joint or pipe shortly after waking. I also asked how the morning goes without that morning toke and most commented that it is hard to carry out their daily routine without their wake-up. They feel off, not in the groove, irritable, angered, not relaxed, or prepared to meet the day. I would say that these all sound like symptoms of the psychological substance abuse or even dependence.
  2. Marijuana can inhibit a person’s ability to be ambitious. Many people boast and brag about the fact that smoking marijuana allows for them to be more creative nonetheless they fail to point out that the idea usually never leaves the drawing board because marijuana smoking has literally zapped their ambition to start the new project.
  3. THC does, in fact, cause a person’s appetite to increase. The problem is that the tendency to eat while under the influence of marijuana comes in the form of y. It is very rare to eat a well-balanced mean when eating because THC is causing hunger. Whole bags or entire boxes of peanut butter, potato chips, ice cream, energy bars, or cookie is not healthy. Eating habits such as these can spike the blood sugar level 0s a person’s body, lead to abnormal cravings for bad carbohydrates and sugar.
  4. Marijuana can lead to anxiety, depression, and lower levels of self-esteem. People who smoke marijuana daily to alleviate pain are finding that this habit is leading to anxiety and depression. Lower levels of self- esteem have been reported because people are finding it harder to stop smoking once they have developed a daily addictive habit. Marijuana has a tendency t cause a person to become paranoid. This paranoia can turn into anxiety and depression. Extensive studies are being conducted on the link between smoking marijuana and mental health issues.
  5. Long-term use of marijuana can affect thought processes and memory. This has been a problem linked to smoking marijuana since the if I can remember. The earliest studies conducted on risks of smoking marijuana reported how smoking marijuana leads to short-term memory loss. Sometimes heavy-term use at an early age can cause serious developmental problems later in life.
  6. Social listlessness has been noticed. In the first part of this post I noted that marijuana smoking can help a person to unwind and become more social, but as the ritual, habit, addiction strengthens smokers seem to be lost in their heads appearing to try and recall something as simple as a date or name. Long social ineptitude can develop. A person might appear in public situations less frequently. Paranoia can lead to a person feeling better off staying away from social events.

These are just six reasons to not smoke marijuana. The reasons listed here also need to be researched more fully so addiction and health professionals have a better understanding of how marijuana use really affects a person physically and psychologically. As legalization draws closer more and more studies will be conducted to grasp how this tiny little plant alters our mood and/or physical being.

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