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Saved My Life
Until it Didn’t

Year of the Johnny

Heroin my darkest lover, confidant, and demon.

 Heroin my cruelest angel, friend, and jailer.

Heroin saved my life only to chew me up and spit me the fuck out

Each day, heroin snares a new life. And most likely does the same fucking thing.

Each day the death toll rises, especially now that fentanyl is calling the shots

If you’re caught in this web of lies and deceit, come inside and let me share my story and thoughts about this drug game with you.

I’m grateful to be given this chance unlike many I found a way out of some semblance of a life.

I look forward to giving you my experience, and strength, and hope to do what you want with it (except steal it-don’t laugh, over the years I’ve had my story shared by several NYC homeless street kids.

C’mon on there has to be someone else better to look up to, like Mark Walburgh, Eminem, Duff McCagen, or drop some other fucker who has made it out with some sense of sanity left.

My wish for you is that you’ll find a way to arise from the detritus of heroin’s wake.

And find your way onto your own not so bright and shiny, but dark and twisted road to recovery.

It is possible if you do the work, don’t fear change, and kick the needle and spoon to the fucking curb.

What do you say? Are you ready to jump inside?